New York Islanders All Time Team Part V: The Goaltenders

By Kenny Conrade

Throughout their 43 year history, the New York Islanders have had many great players. The list runs from names such as Bob Nystrom, who was with the team from the start and achieved great postseason success as an Islander to modern day players who have been great in their own right, but haven’t achieved much playoff success. The list of great players throughout the Isles history is very long and it is very tough to narrow down and form one “all star” or “all time” team.

We here at Eyes on Isles will be asking you, the fans, to vote throughout the month of August and formulate an Islanders “all time team.” Every week we will propose a position and list a of players who you will be able to vote for. Players should be voted for based on what they did in the blue and orange, not over their career for other teams. The players who receive the most votes will be placed in order and will eventually form a 4 line, 6 defenseman, 2 goalie “team.” So far, you guys have done a great job in voting to form a team of skaters, now it’s up to you to decide who will back that team up! Below, six goaltenders  are listed. The top two vote-getters will advance. So get voting Isles fans! Note: All statistics listed are just those with the Islanders, not the NHL as a whole.

The team so far:

Gillies -Trottier-Bossy

Tonelli -Tavares-Nystrom

King -Lafontaine-Palffy


D. Potvin-Morrow

Persson-K. Jonsson

T. Jonsson-Langevin