Meet Sam and Dave Boychuk; Two of the New York Islanders’ Newest Fans

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Oct 14, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Islanders defenseman Johnny Boychuk (55) celebrates after scoring a goal against the New York Rangers during the first period at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

EOI: How closely did the family follow hockey while growing up?

SB: Growing up in Canada it is all hockey all the time. Having three brother all playing high level hockey our family breathed, ate, and slept hockey 365 days a year.

DB: Sorry was the question how did we follow hockey, or did anything exist outside of hockey? LOL.

EOI: Considering you guys grew up in Edmonton, were you guys Oilers fans?  If not, who’d you root for?  What players did you idolize growing up?

SB: You are exactly correct. Growing up in Edmonton we were big Oiler fans & got a chance to grow up watching a special team with the likes of Gretzky, Messier, Coffey etc. I would have to say Messier would have to be the player I idolized the most because he was skilled, hard nosed, wasn’t scared to go to the dirty areas, and was the Alpha male leader of that team. Players on that team were terrified to disappoint him.

I am going to get a hall pass from [my] wife to allow me to experience the tailgating at at least one of the games while we are in town

DB: We grew up literally just down the street from the Coliseum in Edmonton and followed the Oilers Religiously as did the rest of the city.  Personally, my idols in the NHL were mainly all defensemen as I have been a defensemen since I started playing.  Paul Coffey, Ray Bourque, Al Macinnis to name a few.  All-time favorite player – Ray Bourque.

EOI:  When you visit New York this winter, what are you most looking forward to doing/seeing?

SB: I believe being able to be lucky enough to catch some games at the Nassau Coliseum before they move will be one of the highlights no doubt. We are looking forward to spending time with Johnny, wife, and kids. We are bombarded with daughters all close in age so it’s going to be great to see the three girls together again.I have never been to New York but I have heard it is amazing & will try to take in as much as possible. I am going to get a hall pass from [my] wife to allow me to experience the tail gating at at least one of the games while we are in town.

DB: What am I most looking forward to? Honestly, I rarely get to see Johnny and his family other than in the off season, so I am just excited to be able to spend some time with them, especially my 2 beautiful baby nieces!  Our family is a tight group, and the love we have for one another is priceless.  Any time I can get with them is always welcomed.  As a bonus to visiting the Boychuk family in New York, I will be able to see, experience and breathe in Isles Nation.  Nothing compares to the camaraderie between 2 strangers and the excitement of being able to be at a live sporting event while cheering on the same team.