New York Islanders Could Takeover First Place this Weekend

By James McDermott

It would be fair to say that most fans of the New York Islanders would sign on the dotted line for two points from this weekend’s home and home series with the NHL’s hottest team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Those same fans would certainly be ecstatic if the Isles could pry three points from the two match-ups, but the dream scenario would leave the Isles in a position they have not been in for a long, long time. First place in late November.

In order for this to happen it would require something I like to call a “Buckets scenario” playing out. The Isles would have to not only win both games against the Penguins this weekend, but do so in regulation.

The Isles are three points behind the Pens, but have played one more game and have two less ROW results. If the team were to defeat the Penguins twice, but once in overtime, even if it were still a ROW result, the Penguins would retain first place because they would have the same amount of points as the Isles but would have played less games.

First place in November means nothing in the grand scheme of the 82 game season, but I believe it would mean something to the Isles and their fan base. In recent years November has been the downfall of the season, a month that seems to swallow up any and all positive energy that the franchise could muster. For the Isles to supplant the Pens and claim the top spot in the Metro during a month that has caused the Isles so much anguish in the past would be meaningful, if only in a sentimental way.

A lot of work has to be done for the Isles to accomplish this feat this weekend, and it is a long shot proposition at best, but the fact that it is possible is good news in IslanderLand.