New York Islanders Midseason Awards

By Chris Dordon
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Mandatory Credit: Shawn Coates-USA TODAY Sports

What To Expect In The Second Half

The second half of the season is going to really determine what this team is made of. Once you start hitting 60, 70 games played, you have to worry about fatigue. The team has held up so far, so I am not worried about hitting a lull or a losing streak. The Islanders have shown that they can overcome adversity this year by not letting a losing streak extend past two or three games. Only once have they lost more than three in a row this season. In the remaining 39 games of the year, I expect the Islanders to finish with close to, if not more than 50 wins. They’ll need to go 21-18-0 or some combination of losses and overtime losses to do so, which will not be a problem. I expect them to finish the year with 105 points at the minimum and to, yes, I really am about to say this, win the Metropolitan Division for the first time ever, and any division for the first time since 1987-88. This team has very few weaknesses, and a 50-55 win season, after what we’ve seen so far, should not surprise anyone. I think they also will come close to, if not win, the Presidents Trophy, with the best record in the NHL. Nashville may beat them out for this, but it will be close. Let us know, do you think the Islanders have what it takes to win the Metro? The Conference? The Stanley Cup? Let us know in the comments!