New York Islanders Daily: Going With Thomas Greiss Again

By Matt O'Leary

In today’s matinee game the New York Islanders made a couple of lineup changes. Although the goalie position isn’t one of them.

If you thought J.F. Berube would get more playing time in a two goalie system you’d be wrong. The New York Islanders are still not using the 25-year old goaltender.

The perfect time to play him would’ve been on Saturday night. Statistically goalies play worse on back to backs. The end result in Carolina wasn’t a pretty one for Thomas Greiss and the Islanders. I put more of the blame on the defensive struggles, but even so it should’ve been Berube.

Now, coming off of that poor performance it’s Thomas Greiss again. Do they just not trust Berube?

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If that’s the case then why send down Jaroslav Halak? Or better yet, why keep Berube on the roster anyway.

Ironically we all thought the goalie situation would clear up when Halak got sent down. It hasn’t, the decision process behind it still doesn’t make any sense.

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