New York Islanders Top Ten All-Stars in History

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Pat LaFontaine

Pat LaFontaine is another one who was a special player. In his eight-year career with the Islanders, he’d make four All-Star games. He made one more later in his career with the Sabres, but as an Islanders site, we will be focusing on the first eight years of his career.

His best year with the Islanders came in the 1989-1990 year. He put up 54 goals and 51 assists for 105 points which would be his highest point total as an Islander. Just a few years later he’d put up 148 points with Buffalo which is a huge number.

566 career points with the Islanders in eight years is an impressive number. Unfortunately for him he was breaking into the league right as the Islanders dynasty was closing. Sure in his first two years he played in the Stanley Cup final, but he isn’t really looked at as a member of those dynasties.

His impact came after that, in the later part of the decade, when the Isles were still good but not quite at the level of dynasties past.

His game winner in the 4th overtime period of the Easter Epic will be what Islander fans remember him for the most. I luckily wasn’t alive when this happened. I say luckily because I could barely handle the double overtime games last year I can’t even begin to wrap my head around trying to stomach a game that needs four overtime periods.