Islanders Andrew Ladd Says It’s A ‘Treat’ To Play With John Tavares

By Matt O'Leary
PITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 27: Andrew Ladd /

Andrew Ladd is coming off his first year with the New York Islanders. On NHL Tonight he discussed what it’s like to play with John Tavares.

When Andrew Ladd was brought in by the New York Islanders he was expected to slot in on John Tavares’ top line. Unfortunately for Ladd that didn’t last very long. He was bumped off the line with the dynamic Tavares due to a slow start.

Ladd remained goalless through the first 12 games of the season. His slow start made Islander fans worry about his contract as he’s signed through the end of the 2021-2022 season and is already over the age of 30.

Ladd stopped on NHL Tonight to discuss his first year with the team and one of the topics of discussion was playing with a world talent like John Tavares.

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Ladd descried playing with Tavares as “a treat”. Some of the things that he mentions about John is his work ethic on and off the rink. Something we know about Tavares is his workman like work ethic.

Johnny is a very serious guy both on and off the ice and that’s certainly part of what makes J.T. so great. In order to be that good it takes a lot of self discipline and dedication and that seems to be something Tavares displays.

That’s the perfect example you want from your captain. Tavares, although still very young at 26-years old, leads by example. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person to wear the “C” on the Islanders.

That high praise from Ladd should be taken seriously as Ladd is a former captain and a multi-time Stanley Cup Champion.

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Ladd also says how Tavares can “takeover” a game on his own. He’s right there as well. He did so in the 2016 playoffs, and that’s part of the reason I say hand Tavares a blank check. Whatever he gets in his next contract he’ll be worth. You won’t hear any complaining from me when the terms of the new deal come out.