New York Islanders: Goalie Situation Is A Gigantic Problem

By Matt O'Leary
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Thomas Greiss
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Thomas Greiss /
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Jaroslav Halak

Of the two Islanders goalies, Jaroslav Halak has been the more consistent one.  In 2017-2018 he’s rocking a 8-6-1 record with a .903 save percentage and a 2.99 save percentage. Remember, consistent doesn’t necessarily mean good. He’s consistently been below average this year.

Jaroslav Halak has appeared in 16 games this year. In those 16 he’s given up three goals six times and four goals four times. With Halak, you know you’re getting at least one soft goal let in and likely two other legit goals.

That means the offense is left to its own devices to score at least four goals. Luckily for them, it’s been easy to do that. The only issue is the offense won’t keep up this pace for an entire season.

So far this year Halak has had six quality starts (starts where his save percentage was higher than his average save percentage). You would think that would be a good, but his quality start percentage is just .429, the lowest of his career. Keep in mind league average for QS% is .530.

Then there’s the really bad starts (starts with a save percentage lower than .850). Halak has already got two of those this year.

His goals against average is nearly three and he’s rocking a GSAA of -3.80. That’s the lowest GSAA he’s had since the lockout-shortened 2012-2013 season when he was playing in St Louis.