New York Islanders: Goalie Situation Is A Gigantic Problem

By Matt O'Leary
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Thomas Greiss
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Thomas Greiss /
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NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 19: Jaroslav Halak /

How They Compare To The Rest Of The League

It’s pretty clear that the New York Islanders don’t have the best goalie tandem. Let’s take a look at their numbers compared to the rest of the league:

*number inside ( ) indicates league ranking*

Jaroslav Halak

GAA: 2.99 (45)

SV%: .903 (48)

QS: 6 (32)

QS%: .429 (51)

RBS: 2 (30) [Lower number is better here]

GSAA: -3.80 (46)

Thomas Greiss 

GAA: 3.79 (68)

SV%: .890 (62)

QS: 6 (33)

QS%: .429 (52)

RBS: 4 (5) [Top five in this category is actually bad]

GSAA: -9.51 (60)

So compared to the rest of the league the Islanders have atrocious goaltending. The median goals against average is 2.71 and the median save percentage is .912. Neither Halak or Greiss are even close to that level.

The only teams who have below average starting goalies in those two categories are the Penguins, Flyers and Hurricanes.

Matt Murray gets a pass because he’s a two time Stanley Cup Champion at age 23-years-old. Both the Flyers and Hurricanes are bottom feeders in the Metro so the poor numbers are expected.

Right now the Islanders are the only team currently in a playoff spot in the Metro who are getting significantly below average goalie play. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot the Isles can do about this situation.

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Acquiring a goalie worthwhile via trade is darn near impossible, especially during the season. The Islanders will be forced to ride it out with the two guys they have. They just need to start playing to their potential, hopefully, sooner rather than later.