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New York Islanders John Tavares Have Not Had Negotiations Yet (Report)

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 24: John Tavares
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 24: John Tavares

As the New York Islanders head to Montréal for the night, questions surrounding John Tavares’ contract have inevitably surfaced. And according to one report, the team and their superstar have yet to hold real negotiations.

The New York Islanders are in Montréal for a date with the Canadiens. A team starving for a number one center. So naturally, when John Tavares comes to town with his expiring contract and pending unrestricted free agency the questions are about his future.

It’s fair. The media wants to know if there’ve been any developments with the organization and the player they selected first overall in 2009. They want to know how close, or far, they and their team are from signing him.

Tavares, always the professional, answers with a line about how keeping open and direct communication with the organization is key. And that all talks are going to be kept private and not in the media.

No Negotiations. Just Dance

It’s all part of the dance that we’ve come to expect between John Tavares and Canadian media.

But according to Pierre LeBrun, John Tavares, and his agent, Pat Brisson have held no real negotiations with the Islanders so far. (Sorry, it’s in French. And you can’t Google Translate video…as far as I know anyways).

So what does that mean?

For fans of franchise outside of New York, they probably feel like they have a shot at Tavares. This statement brings these fans hypothetically closer to that coveted first line superstar center.

For New York Islanders fans it could go one of two ways. First, your confidence is still intact and you think this is just par for the course on an extension that’s coming when the season is over. Second, you start to doubt and your confidence has been shaken ever so slightly. You don’t want to believe it means anything, but something deep down is telling you otherwise.

I’m of the belief that Tavares is so comfortable in his position and with his power in the negotiation process that he can simply let this process sort itself out at the end of the season.

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So this report from LeBrun means very little in the grand scheme of things. Tavares and the Islanders haven’t talked about a deal in substance. That’s fine. They have time. It might just be my blind confidence talking.