New York Islanders Need Cal Clutterbuck to Re-Emerge

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 18: Cal Clutterbuck
NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 18: Cal Clutterbuck
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NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 16: New York Islanders Cal Clutterbuck

As the New York Islanders begin their playoff push in earnest, they’re going to need maximum efforts from everyone on the roster. From the All-Stars down to the bottom-six, this team will need all hands on deck to be productive.

Cal Clutterbuck has worn a variety of hats throughout his NHL career. He has been an instigator. He’s been a spark-plug. Clutterbuck has even been a scorer at times. Now, in order for the New York Islanders to move up in the Eastern Conference playoff standings, they’ll need Clutterbuck to wear them all.

When Cal Clutterbuck is doing his thing, which is a combination of many things actually, it provides the Islanders with a jolt of electricity. Those boosts of energy have an uncanny knack for coming just when the Isles need them. The results are usually overwhelmingly positive.

Whether he’s riling up the team with a big hit or coming to the defense of another teammate, Clutterbuck’s actions seem to galvanize this team. If you watch for it, you’ll see the ripple effect of Clutterbuck’s spirited play almost instantly.