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New York Islanders: Drop To Bottom Of Metropolitan Again

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 22: Josh Bailey
GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 22: Josh Bailey

The New York Islanders are tied with the New York Rangers in the Metropolitan Division. The only problem is they’re tied for last.

Some people like to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, others enjoy the scent of fresh bacon crackling away in the kitchen, I prefer the stench of mediocrity that I’ve been getting from the New York Islanders.

Well, I don’t really prefer it, but that’s what all Islanders fans woke up to today when they got a look at the updated standings.

The New York Islanders and their cross town rival Rangers are sitting at the bottom of the Metropolitan Division.  The main frustrating difference is how both teams are looking at their situation.

There’s reports of the Rangers being sellers at the deadline this year. Sure they’re just a point out of the playoffs at the moment but they realize limping to the playoffs just to get smoked by Tampa Bay in four games in the first round doesn’t do anybody any good.

So instead, they’ll trade off some assets and get a much needed retool going. The Islanders on the other hand aren’t going to be sellers, and in all likelihood we know Garth Snow isn’t going to be a buyer either.

Sure, we’ve called for what feels like millions of moves on this website but the more likely response from Garth and company would be to stay put and finish either a handful of points out of a playoff spot or clinch that way too familiar eight seed in the playoffs.

The baffling acceptance of mediocrity is driving Islanders fans to their wit’s end and rightfully so. The Isles are essentially in the same spot they were last year in a much more important season. They need to convince John Tavares to stay.

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Would Tavares, who wants to win desperately, really want to stay with this team? As long as Garth Snow is riding the ship it’s tough to see things get any better. Sadly, the Isles ceiling is a borderline playoff team and that shouldn’t be accepted.