New York Islanders: 10 Worst Trades In Franchise History

By Matt O'Leary
New York Islanders Zigmund Palffy #16 (Credit: Al Bello /Allsport)
New York Islanders Zigmund Palffy #16 (Credit: Al Bello /Allsport) /
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UNIONDALE, NY – APRIL 18: Alexei Yashin
UNIONDALE, NY – APRIL 18: Alexei Yashin /

In acquiring Alexei Yashin the New York Islanders were hoping to get a player that could put up 94 point seasons like he’d done in Ottawa. They thought they were getting that big strong center that could dominate other teams.

They certainly got a player that was big and strong and played center. He was 6’3″ and 225lbs after all. But Yashin would hardly dominate. He wasn’t terrible. But the Isles never had that 90 point player.

At best the Islanders got a player that could put up 32 goals and 75 points. That was in his first season with the Isles. And it all went downhill from there. Oh and before that could happen the Islanders signed Yashin to a ten-year $87.5 million deal that they eventually had to buy-out and only came off the books in 2015.

And what did the Islanders give up to get this diminishing asset? A man-mountain and future hall of fame defender in the 6’7″ Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt (meh) and the Islanders first round pick in the 2001 NHL trade.

The Senators would use that first round and second overall on Jason Spezza. A player that would eventually produce 687 points in 686 games and 52 points in 56 playoff games for the Senators. Including 22 points in 20 games as the Senators made it to the Stanely Cup Finals in 2006-07.

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Yashin was an OK player, even a good player, but imagine the solid building blocks the Isles could have had with both Chara and Spezza. I know. It’s very very sad.