New York Islanders: 10 Worst Trades In Franchise History

By Matt O'Leary
New York Islanders Zigmund Palffy #16 (Credit: Al Bello /Allsport)
New York Islanders Zigmund Palffy #16 (Credit: Al Bello /Allsport) /
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20 Nov 1997: Zigmund Palffy /

As we discussed on the last slide Olli Jokinen only played one year with the Islanders and they flipped him in a terrible trade so we can start there with evaluation this one. Mathieu Biron was terrible, like really bad.

In parts of two years with the Islanders, he had 9 points in 74 games and had a -11 +/-. He was out of the league by age 25. Josh Green wasn’t much better. He only played 49 games with the Islanders where he had 26 points with the team in 1999-2000. That would be his career high in points even though he somehow lasted in the league for until 2011-2012.

Finally, that 1999 pick turned into Taylor Pyatt. He had a very mediocre career but only spent one year with the Islanders. He had 18 points in 78 games in 2000-2001 before moving on to Buffalo. The Islanders clearly got screwed in this deal.

We don’t even have to talk about the other guys in this trade, just one is necessary to show how brutally bad this one was. Ziggy Palffy spent six years with the Islanders, three of them were full seasons.

From the 1995-96 season through the 1997-98 season Palffy put up 87, 90 and 87 points again respectively. In his last year with the Islanders, he had 50 points in 50 games. The guy produced like a madman man offensively.

He only played in 684 career games but his impact was tremendous in his short time in the league. He had 713 career points which means for his career he put up 1.04 points per game which isn’t too shabby. This is a prime example of a Mike Milbury disaster.