New York Islanders Josh Ho-Sang Four Truths About Treatment

New York Islanders Joshua Ho-Sang (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders Joshua Ho-Sang (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
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Truth 2 – Short Rope

"But I do think a lot of the stuff was unwarranted, especially in terms of the rope that other people were given. I understand I have a history and that might be a factor. I don’t know. But it’s frustrating to me."

The Secon truth, the Ho-Sang’s rope is shorter than others. We all know that Ho-sang Said leading up to the draft. He was drafted 28th overall and not in the top 10 like he maybe should have. He paid the price. We all know that Ho-Sang slept in on his first day of training camp two years ago. He did the Coliseum stairs a number of times and was sent to Bridgeport. He paid the price.

But it seems that Josh Ho-Sang is still paying the price. It’s as though the ghostly debt his ego created can never be paid off.

He’s got a high giveaway count? Send em down!

At a certain point, you have to ‘coach’ players. I know that Ho-Sang has a high giveaway count. His 23 giveaways in 22 games played this season is high. But that’s what happens with puck carries in the NHL. They get the puck taken away from them. But that can be coached out of a player in the NHL.

Players coming out of junior hockey or the AHL aren’t supposed to be these finished products that do everything right. Again, no player is without his flaws. It’s ridiculous to expect that. Although it seems like the Islanders are taking that exact approach with Ho-Sang.

His game has to be flawless to get a chance and it’s because of that previous history that his road is a bit tougher.