New York Islanders: Eyes on Isles Podcast Ep 54 Preview

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 22: Mathew Barzal
GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 22: Mathew Barzal /

The Eyes on Isles Podcast returns for episode number 54 as Matt and Mitch will discuss all things New York Islanders on and off the ice.

With the Summer coming to a close this weekend, we get ready to drop episode 54 tonight. Mitch and I will be discussing various New York Islanders topics from this week and we’ll play an expectations game.

We’ll be talking about the Islanders playoff chances, some very impressive analytic numbers from Mathew Barzal, we’ll give our expectations for Brock Nelson, and finally, we’ll hit on who we think are untradable players for the Islanders.

Here’s what to expect from tonight’s program:


Islanders playoff chances

The odds came out for the Islanders making the playoffs in 2018-2019 and it doesn’t look too hot. Although, with Barry Trotz behind the bench now, does the status quo change?

Barzal analytic stats

Is it possible for Mathew Barzal to be underrated even? Yes. We’ll break down the numbers that prove that Barzal was even better than we thought initially.

Brock Expectations

Brock Nelson is heading into a contract season. He needs to perform to get paid, especially as a UFA. We’ll discuss what we think he can put up numbers wise for this year.

Untradeable Players

Mitch and I will say who we will put on our list of players that can’t be traded. Our list may vary but we can all agree that Barzal is untouchable.

Social Segment

In the social segment, we’ll answer questions and talk about the biggest stuff from Isles Twitter this past week

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If you missed last week’s show you can catch up on it right here. Also be sure to follow along with us on social media @EyesonIslesFS on Twitter and on Facebook as well.