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New York Islanders: A Farewell To Brett Yormark

By Matt O'Leary
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 16: CEO of Brooklyn Sports
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 16: CEO of Brooklyn Sports /

Brett Yormark, who ran the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center, is stepping down. The New York Islanders fans and Yormark have had an interesting relationship.

According to Bloomberg, the Brooklyn Nets’ CEO Brett Yormark is stepping down after 14 years. Yormark and the New York Islanders have had an interesting relationship over the past few years since they got involved with the Barclays Center.

First, the Islanders added black and white jerseys to their collection to pay homage to the Brooklyn Nets who were in existence for all of three seasons. That move had Yormark’s stink all over it.

Next, they attempted to change the Islanders goal horn to a train whistle. It went about as poorly as you’d imagine. The ear-piercing siren had a shorter shelf life than Neil Smith.

Finally, the big one that etched Yormark’s fate with Islanders fans. After a bumpy road for the first three years of their relationship, Brett Yormark came out and said that the Islanders were a rent-a-team. No seriously, here’s the full quote:

"Unfortunately, they were like a rent-a-team. This team never really embraced Brooklyn, unfortunately."

Islanders fans will not miss Brett Yormark. A couple of days after finding out the Isles will be moving to Belmont Brett Yormark is out of our lives? This is a week that Islanders fans can remember fondly in years to come.

Soon enough the Barclays Center will be a thing of the past, a black eye in the storied history of the New York Islanders. On to Belmont.

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