Islanders Coach Barry Trotz Dressed Up In Santa Hat (Photos)

By Matt O'Leary
Barry Trotz, head coach of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Barry Trotz, head coach of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

It’s Monday, it’s cold and rather depressing. Well, here are some pictures of Barry Trotz in a Santa Hat to cheer you up to start the week.

The New York Islanders were off yesterday, and are off again today so there isn’t a ton of new news to update you on. Instead, I wanted to use the daily’s as a forum to spread some Holiday cheer.

Monday’s are the worst, especially if it’s the last week of work before Christmas break, like it is at my job. The focus is on Friday and it’s just going to creep along and drag out as we wish away the week in favor of a much-deserved break.

Well, I’m here to brighten your day. Here is Barry Trotz in a Santa hat with some Islanders in a Have Yourself A Barry Little Christmas sweater:

If that doesn’t bring you a laugh or a smile to your face nothing will. Okay, how about just everyone’s favorite second pair in the league:

Something about Barry Trotz in a Santa hat is just simply incredible. Yes, in years gone by maybe I would be a little bothered by gimmicks like this, especially if the team wasn’t winning but now I’m here for all the Barry Trotz love and the winning too of course.

He’s 70-34-9 as a head coach of the Islanders, he could do whatever he damn well pleases. Here’s to getting through our Monday together with the best coach in the league.

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