Islanders: NHL Needs to setup interactive NHL20 tournament

The NHL should hold an NHL20 tournament with proceeds going to employees affected by COVID-19. The New York Islanders, along with the other 30 teams picks their best player for an interactive tournament.

From 2012-2019, the global eSports market has grown from $130 million yearly to $1.1 billion in 2019. It’s expected to reach almost $2 billion by 2022, but with regular sports being put on hold, expect that number to be driven up significantly. Here’s the chance for the NHL and the New York Islanders to do something cool and help out its employees.

The NHL should make a deal with advertisers and the popular streaming site Twitch, and hold a tournament where all of the proceeds go to workers affected by the Coronavirus. Each team can pick their best NHL ’20 player and have them enter the tournament from the luxury of their own home, and we can all watch from the luxury of our own home.

It seems each day gets worse and worse without having sports, as they are a true outlet from everyday life and bring many people together. They are conversation starters, sometimes create life-long relationships and much more for everyone in the world.


So how should the league handle this? Each week for the foreseeable future, an NHL team picks their best player and competes in a tournament for the Stanley Cup where the Eastern Conference has a 16 team bracket, and the Western Conference has a 15 team bracket with a tiebreaker at the end to reach the Stanley Cup.

Games in NHL ’20 are relatively quick, so each match-up would be a best of three series, and will be broadcast live on either Twitch or Mixer where you can watch and interact with your favorite players. Donations and some of the ad revenue will go to the sports employees affected by the Coronavirus who will not be getting the help they need.

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The guys at Eyes on Isles are already doing simulations here, and wouldn’t it be great to watch actual players where the games mean a lot? You decide.