Islanders Ranking 1990s drafts classes: Good, Bad, Ugly

1998 NHL Entry Draft. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport
1998 NHL Entry Draft. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport /
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New York Islanders Zigmund Palffy #16 (Credit: Al Bello /Allsport) /

The Good

1993 – Value

Total games played: 659
Biggest impact: Bryan McCabe

The 1993 draft saw the Isles get a decent amount of value out of their picks. From the first round to the seventh round, the Islanders selected a player that would eventually make the NHL. While some never played for the Isles, most did.

With 220 games played for the Blue and Orange, Bryan McCabe had the largest impact on the club. Goalie Tommy Salo wasn’t too far behind with 187 games played with the Islanders.

1999 – The Four

Total games played: 1,015
Biggest impact: Radek Martinek

The Islanders had four first-round picks in 1999. You’d think by that alone the Isles would have a great draft class in 1999. But they didn’t. All four – Tim Connolly, Taylor Pyatt, Branislav Mezei, Kristian Kudroc – would combine for 308 games.

Eighth round pick Radek Martinek would play 479 games with the Islanders.

1991 – Palffy Class

Total games played: 860
Biggest impact: Ziggy Palffy

Look, I know the class of 1999 played 155 more games than the class of 1991. But with four first-round picks, three in the top ten, the impact should have been greater.

Scott Lachance drafted fourth overall in 1991 by the Isles, would play the most games for the New York Islanders. But Ziggy Palffy had the largest impact with 331 games and 331 points. Point-per-game players don’t grow on trees.

It’s a shame that he was eventually traded away instead of trying to build a winner around him. What could have been, right?