Who dat?

Using the Saints line – who is this team?

It just figures that the day I do not go to a game, we get a great effort, a Hat Trick, and a Giveaway.  Thanks to my buddy Rose for saving one for me.

Driving home last night, I was quite shocked by hearing the horn in the second period against this Blackhawks team.  Not that I was unhappy – hell no!  I just did not expect the jump in the second stanza.  The Isles were severly outshot (22 – 9), and were down 2-1.  Rollie the goalie was outstanding and kept the boys in the game.

Was it the Isles getting their legs faster than their opponent?

Was it that the Hawks were suffering a post Olympic hangover?

I would lean to the second.  Six players arrived in New York on Monday after celebrating the Olympics, or in mourning, whichever you want to look at it.  Those guys had to be sluggish, and the second and third period showed the lack of effort.

You could also blame the netminding too…

The Hawks, in order to move far in the playoff push, definitely need to work on that position.  Huet is a $5 Million bust.  He can not lead these guys, and Niemi is just too young and raw.

Who can the Hawks look to?


If there ever was a job interview, last night for the 40 year old netminder was doing well.  I am just not sure that a deal will happen, due to the DP injury.  But it is certainly possible.

To the game…

Blake Comeau with six goals in his last 3 games, is making his case to be a permanent fixture.  He learned his lessons with his stints in the chateau de bow-wow, and had made the most of it.

Richard Park – a class act, scored twice as well – and has made a turnaound his his efforts of late.  I like the line of Park, Weight and Sim.

Tavares did not have any points, but looked a little more crisper than he did before the stoppage.  Maybe some home cooking did him some good.

Okposo has some speed bursts that surprised me a lot.  A good sign.

So glad to see Hillen back.  He was playing so well before the injury, and I just feel a lot better with him on the blue line.  Congrats to Andy MacDonald on his contract.  Thanks to Ted Nolan for suggesting that the Isles draft him.

Good luck to Andy Sutton.  He gets a chance to play with a good team, and playing so well of late (except the 2nd period against the Rangers).

Tomorrow – the Thrashers are the home team.  The Isles have scored 16 goals in 3 games against them.  Hope for some more offense.  Then the Big Bad Bruins come to town for a Saturday matinee.  Wonder who will be here, as well as who will not?  Tune in to the NHL Network to find out today.

Have a hockey day folks!