100 Seconds of Ecstasy


I was trying to figure out in my seat, when we scored three goals in a period, let alone nearly in a minute and fourty seconds. The Isles actually did it twice. Once in the Ranger game on Columbus day, and once against the Avalanche.

However, this was in the first period…

With the first on the PP – (now – 2 for 48 – a whopping 4%), and two more within a minute afterwards, they looked spectacular. PA, Comeau and Moulson were giving the Islanders some surging confidence. Getting these against a team near the top of the Western confidence was a very good sign.  PA, Moulson, and JT was a solid line last night.  Although JT did not get a goal, his play has improved of late.  He is one of the those players that once he gets one – they will come in bunches.  Let’s hope that bunch starts tomorrow.

The skates were flying as well as the bodies. Hits were everywhere, and they were not afraid to mix it up. Gillies stepping up for one of his teammates, was nice to see. Matt Martin taking on big man George Parros got a few notches in my book.

Despit the fact that Anaheim came back and got two (one in the late second and one early in the third), the Isles did not fade off. Yes the first period was great, and the third did not look as good, but they, for the most part, stuck to their gameplan.

Andy MacDonald was outstanding. He was blocking shots, clearing garbage in front of the net, and played probably one of his strongest games as an Islander. It was great to see Jurcina back. This D needs size desperately, and he does just that. It will take a game or two to get the kinks out, but he played well.

As my friend that sits behind me kept saying, Ricky caused the second goal by touching the puck instead of letting it be an icing call, which three seconds later Jason (here I come to save the daaaaaay) Blake got the puck by DP to make it 3-2. I really thought we would need the Zoloft for her, but when they announced him as the first star, I almost got the bottle back out. Despite that gaffe, I thought Ricky played well.  He shifted side to side well, limited his rebounds, and when needed, stopped the play.  He should get the nod tomorrow, against a Coyote team that is reeling after losses to the Devils (3-0) and Rangers (4-3 S/O).  They are not going to be a happy bunch, and are without their star Bryzgalof who is fighting a flu bug and had to have an ’emergency’ goalie last night.

For the Islanders, a much needed win to stop the six game streak.  Now – it’s time to start the W streak.  This will be a nice present for the fans and for themselves too.

But to get the W – they will need more than 100 seconds of ecstasy.  They were fortunate to get it – but more sustained offensive prowness will be needed if they want to continue to build up the point total.

Have a hockey day, and I will be blogging from the Coliseum tomorrow night.  Hope to see you there.

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