Holiday Wishes for the Islanders


As this season of giving is approaching, there are many things that the Islanders need.  Of course, everyone will say that victories are the biggest gift that are under the Islander players trees this week.  For others, it is the chance to maybe hear some positive things about a certain arena situation.  For others, it is the wish for respectability for the team, that always seems to be the one that fans rip on the most.

To me – it is simple.  My wish for the Islanders, is for their fans that are not coming to games, to get a change in heart, and try to start coming to support these 20 guys.  And for the folks that already come and support the team, my wish for them is the understandng and patience to stick with this team.

I have heard people say that I am a ‘voice’ for the team sometimes with my opinions; I always sound like I am a ‘puppet voice’ for the organization.  As I write this piece, I am here to tell you, that no one, and I mean NO ONE, tells me what to say, and what to project in the writing of my blog.  The beliefs I have had, are from my heart.  I was always told as a youngster by my father that if I am a fan, that I always stay true;  be loyal to the team and do not waver, no matter what the outcome is.  Try to find the positives and stay with them.  I have always tried to keep myself to that, despite what has happened, and to be honest, I believe that I have done a good job at that.

I will always find things that are good with the team.  Do I believe that everything Charles and Garth have done are 100% correct and right?  No one is 100% perfect, but I believe in my heart of hearts that nothing is being done to create a sabotage or a path of ‘moving the team’.  The management want what is best for the organization, and right now – it is hard to give a positive light to players coming here.  But the methods that is being created from the juniors, to the minors, to the guys here, there is a definite plan.  Unfortunately for many Islander fans I see, it is a “win now” attitude, that is resonant.  Yes, we have not been real winners at playoff time in almost 20 years, and we all had ideas that this team may ‘surprise’ folks, but we all know that road blocks hit so immediately, that we were not only behind the eight ball, but all 15 balls in the rack.

There are lot of things that I like.  I like the maturity and development of Andrew MacDonald.  I like how Frans Nielsen has steadily improved both aspects of his game.  I like how Robbie Schremp has built his game of late.  I like the fact that Radek Martinek has played all but two games this season, and has been steady.

Are there issues?  Of course there are.  They are just not going to be listed.  As I said, I am trying to stay positive.  My wishes are for those negative and injury issues to get better.  The odds have to turn someday, and being the optimist, I hope that they will change in the near future.

I am going to not be writing until after the holiday.  On behalf of John Panarese, my great partner in this venture, we want to wish you and your families, the happiest of Holiday Seasons.  Whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope that it is fun, happy and exciting for all.

And folks, let’s get on board the Islander train.  Despite the struggles, these guys need our support.  Sometimes, the best stories are ones that see the underdog come back, and make a statement.  Don’t tell me you do not like the story of Rudy.

Have a hockey day folks!

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