Matty M – staying for three more years – and a new program for negative Isles fans


What a NO BRAINER this was???

9.4 million for 3 years, and TOTALLY DESERVING.  And come on folks, did you really think that he was going to be traded?

I mean, really?

The Islanders gave him the chance to play in the NHL when nobody would give him the opportunity.  The Kings were his club for a while, and he had a cup of coffee, but never seemed to break the lineup.

Being a friend of JT, the Islanders took the chance on Matty, and he did not disappoint.  Getting 30 goals just showed the rest of the hockey world that not only Moulson was a viable product, but 29 other teams really made a mistake by not taking the chance on him.

As soon as the rumors started to run around that Moulson was on the trading block, Bob McKenzie of TSN stated that the Isles would not do that, without actually saying it.  Of course, around the concourse, fans were crucifying Snow as destroying the team, and trying to save Charles money.  To those that stated these types of comments and you know who you are, do me a favor….


Those of you, that can not keep your comments to anything but negative – may I suggest the Kent Dorman Sensitivity Program.  (Watch the end of the movie Animal House)  At the KDSP you are encouraged to shed your feelings of negativity and woe, and encouraged to see the positive in any situation, regardless of what it is.

Dorfman, a graduate of the prestigious Blutarsky school of Psychology at Faber College, has a staff of specalists that are trained in the power of positive thinking.  Students not only get hands on training, but also work with many other facets of positive thinking.  Even the power of music, with Professor Otis Day discussing the concept of the “Shout Techniques” to get you in the positive mood.

My advice to you is NOT to start drinking heavily, but to look into the Dorfman Sensitivity Program, and get some more positive vibes about your favorite team, and eliminate all of the negatives.  I see so much of it, that I really needed to bring out the Dorfman to the folks that really need to get on the bus, and stop being so nit picky and talking out of your arses.

Am I 100% positive all of the time?  No.  Do I think that management know what they are doing?  Yes – I do.  Believe me – these guys that are on this team, really want to be here?  Just read the quote that Matt Moulson gave Newsday:

"“I think there are some things people don’t know about this team,” Moulson said. “I’ve told my agent and other people around the league about how we’re treated, how they treat our families. and Snow are involved in everything and that filters down to everyone on the team."

"“I don’t know if I’ve ever played on as close-knit a team as this one,” Moulson said. “That’s what makes it so fun, once we get wins. The biggest thing for me is the guys. I don’t want to be apart from this group.”"

That just about says it.  I am just so tired to hear the ‘crap’ from fans that show up specifically to bitch and moan about the team, the owners, the managers, the vendors, etc.  If you want to do that – then STAY AWAY FROM ME!  Why don’t you do something different – like water your plants, or shovel some snow.  Go to another hockey rink and watch kids play, so you do not have to moan and groan about their contracts.

Leave the fan support to the real fans.  Or if you really want to change – go see Kent Dorfman.  Oh boy, is this GREAT!