Thoughts of the Isles Weekend action and other things

  1. Congrats to Grabs on getting #30.  And especially getting it in Florida.  Now – the ever calm and cool Grabner will never ‘stick it’ to the Panthers, but I am sure that inside his psyche, he may do a fist pump or two.  Another great snatch up by Senor Snow!
  2. 3 points out of 4 is not bad for the road, especially the way that the Isles play outside of Uniondale.
  3. Good to see Ricky back.  He is not at top form, but I am sure he is making a statement – that he is finally got the demons behind him, and looking forward to better things.
  4. Nice mask Ricky!  Got the ol Glenn Healy look going for you!
  5. Only two more goals for PA – and we will hav five with 20 or more.  No other team will be able to say that.  These 5 guys will have about 60+% of the goals for the team.  This is a great foundation to build on.
  6. Good time for a few days off after the Florida game, and some of the guys went golfing (we dont have to worry about Grabs going on the PGA tour anytime soon)
  7. Tuesday – the last game of the road trip against a tough Tampa team, and our ol friend Roli!

Some questions about the team….

  1. Will Ricky play the bulk of games, or will it be a 50/50 split between him and the mighty Cubano?
  2. Will Streit or Weight get to see any action before the year ends?
  3. Will JT get to 30?

Answers in my head?

  1. I hope they split it up.  Ricky needs to stop feeding the ego, and allow the coaches to make the decision to split the time.  Let the taste for next year be there, but there is no reason to dominate the time to April 9.  (also – in this tab, my continued request to get Montoya signed NOW!)
  2. When I saw Streit at the Booster Club meeting last month – I really thought he will get his chance to at least play before the season ends.  I still think that way.  He has made some great strides, and getting a game situation in his head, will be a big help and confidence boost to get prepared for 2011-12.  As far as Weight, I am just not sure.  We just have not heard any distinct positives about his recuperation.  Would like to see it.  I would like to know if this is the end of his career, that he gets the chance to close it playing, instead of watching it on the sidelines.
  3. 4 goals in 9 games is not a difficult task for JT.  He is a streaky player, so lets hope for 9 in 9 to get 35.  That would be a great way to end the season for him.  I would also like to see his plus/minus come down to -10 before the season ends.  That to me would be a great sign.

I will end with another thought.  This deals with the Matt Cooke incident yesterday against the Rangers.  As a fan of the game, I do not like to see players get those head shots or blantant elbows.  Even if it is a Ranger, or a Flyer, players getting hurt by irresponsible players is not good for the game.  Although McDonagh did not get hurt, there was still no reason for Cooke to do what he did.  This a blantant case of stupidity in its highest form.  10 games should be a minimum for him.  Now, lets see what Mario Lemieux has to say now…  He got high and mighty when it happened to his team, but now the shoe is on the other foot.  The Pens are one of the highest penalized teams in the NHL and have more misconducts than any other organization.

Well Mario, you said if this continued, you questioned your wanting to be involved.  Now, let’s hear your words now?  Is this the end, or are you going to juggle this one to your favor?

Have a hockey day folks, and speak soon!