Rangers – Islanders – Isles win the last game vs rivals


This was intense to say the least.

The Coli was rocking!  Well – for the home fans, at least.

With the injury bug going through the Islander team, the Isles still managed to play one of their best games of the season, which was echoed by Jack Capuano.  The Isles won the battles, got to the paint, and made sure they got shots to the net as much as possible.  They got a weary and hurting Henrik Lundqvist to the bench for the 3rd period, after surrendering 4 goals.  Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) gave up two more.

The Moulson goal was a thing of BEAUTY!  And the setup by Tavares also made the NHL highlight reels, so you have to be happy for him.

The locker room was buzzing, the guys were so pumped.  Montoya was yelling his head off as he stepped off the ice.  Of course, when he met the media, the man was as cool as a gravy sandwich.  Relaxed, and saying positives about the team and efforts.

BTW – I had the three stars correct tonight – one point for me.

I have to add some comments about the opponents.  First of all – good for Tortorella to keep his comments to the locker room.  I think a blow out could be detrimental to the Ranger playoff chances, as well as the psyche of the team.  The four games for them are going to be stressful enough.  They have to do something before Sunday to get their momentum and biorhythm’s changed, before it comes back to bite them.

On a personal note –  I got some negative comments about some of my twitter posts during the game.  For those of you that know me – I am a fan, and going to be passionate in my rooting for my Islanders, and will do my best to not get nasty and derogatory to the other side, no matter what team.  That is not my modus operandi.  I loved the fact that the Isles took it to the Rangers, but I will not get on a “Rangers suck’ chant.  I will be glad for my team and let everyone know about it.  I may have bashed Sean Avery (but I have hated that man for  years before he became a Ranger – and will not change my opinion), but that was as far as I went.  As far as fans are concerned, there are idiots on both sides, so I won’t go there.  It all comes down to this:  if you do not like what I say – simply don’t read it.  Facebook, twitter, etc, is just like a computer version of a radio knob.  If you do not like the station, change the channel.  Simple as that.

No one has the right to tell people what to post and what not to post.  There is something called a first amendment right to speak how they want.  I will not play G-rated writer to anyone and squelch my opinions because one person has a conflicting opinion.  You can’t go and tell Larry Brooks to stop writing disparaging remarks and cease and desist.  You simply call him and idiot to yourself and move on.  That is what makes these mediums so great, is that you can say and write what you feel, and should not have to be subjected to any vile attacks.  You can disagree, you can not like what you read from me – that is fine – but I will not tell you to limit your feelings and the converse should be true as well.

And as Forrest Gump says – and that is all I have to say about that.

Lastly – congrats to Michael Grabner on the birth of his son Aidan – welcome to the Islander family!