John’s Player Reviews, #10 Mike Mottau


Another of the defensive signings prior to the season, Mike Mottau was also one of the many guys on the D who went down to injuries. He was limited to only 20 games, and a combination of a hip injury and eye injury cut his season short.

Mottau was signed for two years by Snow and was one of the 4 veteran back liners that were added to the lineup. He is only one of 8 players who have played for all 3 “local” teams, and, to me, he was a welcome addition to the club when his signing was announced. He had been a solid defenseman throughout his career and could play physical as well when needed.

It was, like so many others, unfortunate that he was only able to play a quarter of the season. I think his presence throughout the entire season would have made a difference and would have been a positive influence on the younger guys. Mottau had 3 assists over his 20 games, and though he was a -12, this is a bit of a deceiving stat, as he played early on when the team was losing on a nightly basis. In my opinion, his defensive rating would have come up if he had not gotten hurt and had played during the stretch over the last half of the season when the Isles turned things around.

It’s hard to rate or judge a guy who only played 1/4 of the whole season. I would have to give him a B, though, again, this is a rating with the disclaimer that it is based on a very small body of work. From what I can recall, Mottau and Eaton were pretty steady guys in the games they played, which is what a young group of players needs.

This has nothing to do with his review of his play, but I must also add that I give Mr. Mottau an A for his speech he made to fans yesterday at the rally for the new colosseum vote by the Nassau County Legislation. I read his comments, and for a guy who only got to play in 20 games, he sounded like a veteran who has spent a long time on the island. It was quite impressive, and it was great to read such enthusiastic optimism from him. Similar to so many of the boys on the roster, he believes the Islanders will make the playoffs next season, which, I believe, was music to the ears of so many of us long suffering fans. Well done, Mr. Mottau.

Without a doubt, Mike Mottau will be among our six guys on D opening night next season. I am looking forward to a season of health and solid play from the veteran back liner. He will certainly add depth and experience to the core, and will create additional competition for the guys who will be trying to earn a spot.

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