John’s Player Reviews, #15, PA Parenteau, And Some Quick Thoughts on the Draft


With Michael Grabner’s impressive season and finishing among the rookie of the year candidates, PA Parenteau’s first season as an Islander was often overshadowed. His chemistry on the first line with John Tavares and Matt Moulson, as well as his skills were something that certainly had an impact on the lineup just about every night. He had more than a few point streaks throughout the campaign, and he was one of the more consistent players night in and night out.

I can recall reading the news about Parenteau being picked up by Garth Snow during the off season last summer and thinking to myself that this guy could be another of those “gems” Snow has been very skilled at grabbing. I had been impressed by PA Parenteau the brief time I had caught Ranger games, and I felt, even back then, that he could add some needed offense to the Isles. I really didn’t expect his impact to be as grand as it was, and him being a fixture on the top line was another outcome I had not foreseen in the least.

PA played in 81 of the 82 games during the season, and he put up 53 points. This included 20 goals and 33 assists, which, to me, was quite a pleasant bit of contributing for the first year winger. Reaching the 20 goal mark at the close of the season was only icing on the cake for his first showing as an Islander.

Obviously, with any player, you can sit back and come up with a bunch of things he could have done more of or could have done better. This is the case with any guy, and with PA, his ability to score in the minors was something that suggested that he “should” have found the twine a few more times than 20. However, to me, that is simply being a bit too picky. As far as I’m concerned, what we got out of Parenteau was a “bonus” to the club, especially since he really showed up just about every night with solid games.

Thus, I would really have to give him an A for his grade. He contributed so much on the offense, and his find on the first line certainly solidified that unit. You could always “ask for more” from any player, but I think Parenteau gave the Isles quite a bit this season.

He was given an extension for another season, and I would not at all be surprised to see PA end up sticking around for quite some time. Frankly, I think his upside is still yet to come. I could see him eventually scoring 30 goals or more in a season, especially as the first unit continues to develop. PA Parenteau definitely will be a big part of the core of this young Islander team in the future.

As for the draft, I must confess a bit shamefully that I really have not been following the information about the various picks. The Isles took Ryan Strome of the Niagara Ice Cats in the 5th round, a center ice man. They also traded Bruno Gervais to the Lightning as well. I really thought that the Isles might end up packaging their pick for an impact player, yet, at the same time, I am not surprised that they went with adding to the prospect pool they currently possess.

The trade of Gervais, who is an RFA, was not really that surprising to me. With all the depth on the back line we have, I figured that someone was going to be moved over the summer. Bruno, unfortunately, was the “odd man” out in the group. Of course, however, I wish him the best of luck and know he was earn a regular spot in the NHL in the future.

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