Jay Jacobs – are you kidding me – and some other Aug1 thoughts


Just a tidbit from the interview with Democratic chariperson Jay Jacobs who spoke to Mike Francesa on WFAN and YES yesterday.

He actually had the gall to urge Charles Wang to create PSL’s for the new Coliseum to raise revenue…

You must be joking, right?


That is a football thing, that the NFL teams can easily do – due to the demand for tickets.  The new Meadowlands stadium was definitely built on that, and if they could get another 60,000 people to do PSL’s, and make seats for them – they definitely would.

Can that work in hockey?

I will not even dignify that with a proper answer.

Hockey games are not the only entity of an indoor arena.  As a matter of fact, less than 40% of the events at the Coliseum last year were hockey.  To ask the hockey folks to pump up funds for a facility that will be used over 100+ times a year, is just ludicrous.

Then he is comparing his camps that he runs to the Islanders.

What kind of medication are you on?

This vote and path of the next week is purely political to say the least.  If one side is voting yea, the other nay; and vice versa.

Change of subject, but still on the Aug 1 issue…

I know that any increase to an area that is at the top of the country as far as taxed are concerned, is not good.  People that are on fixed incomes for example, really can not handle additional taxes, no matter what the cost.  So I know that they will be reluctant and in some cases, downright furious to see this come about.  I will not deny that they have every right to feel that way.  I have had some serious and frank discussions with some folks that have serious wishes for this vote to go no.  And with the utmost respect to them, because I consider them friends, I still will disagree with them.

I am always an optimist.  I will try to see the positive first.  I may be biased, because this is my hockey team, and their home rink that we are talking about, but believe me, I have been around the country going to events in other stadiums.  I see what they have, what they provide, and what benefits they get from this.  All I want to see is a fair playing field.

Can we attract players?  With this building, no…

Do entertainers refuse to come here?  Yes.

The management of this team is doing everything they can – with the resources, and the situation at hand.  But this is not a part of the story.

The negative reaction – is the standard NIMBY (not in my back yard).  It is just not good enough for me.  I just feel that a new facility, along with the extra things that will come with it – will bring  jobs, revenue, and a place that all Long Islanders could be proud of.

I have also been asked, what if it does not get voted in, or that NIFA puts roadblocks on it?

Would I consider somewhere else?

My answer would be yes.  Mr. Wang may not be at that position – but I am.  I would love to see it come to Suffolk county.  Queens, and Brooklyn are both options, but it doesn’t  give me a fuzzy feeling.  The bottom line, the Islanders were born in Nassau, and should STAY there.