Why is there so much hate in Islander Country?

Preface:  I apologize for not writing after the season ended.  I am currently looking for a job, and sometimes the look is getting a little frustrating.  A number of things got to me, and I frankly let things slip.  This was one of them.  I am so sorry about that.

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Why is there so much hate in Islanders Country?

A question that continues to bother me…

As an Islander fan – we have been subjected to a great deal over the past few decades.  Let me state some.

1.  Multiple Ownership

2.  Inept General Managers (in my opinion, not the current one)

3.  Players that have not lived up to expectations

4.  Lack of playoff success

That is the summary of the issues.

We all know that we have suffered a lot as fans.  We have taken more body blows than a Ali sparring partner.  The abuse level from rival fans is also at crazy levels.  I do not need to be sold on the facts.  I know them as much as you all do.

When the season ended, I was frustrated as any die-hard supporter.  I hated to see the season end, knowing that my team was not making the playoffs once again.  In some instances, I was quite mad!  The young talent needs to get the experience of April – June hockey, and with this lineup, it was just not going to work.

Is the GM at fault?

I am sure that Garth would say that some players did not execute the way they should (ask the guy that wore #12 for Boston in the playoffs).  Guys just did not live up to expectations.  Players that suffered the blues after a great season the year before.  These things happen to every team.

Since our team was eliminated, we got the fourth pick of the upcoming NHL draft.  With that being said, the Islanders announced plans for their Annual Draft Party.  This is a time for the Islanders to celebrate the newest player to become a part of the organization.  Despite the fact that the team is not in the playoffs, the team is promoting this event.  I see absolutely no reason to do so.  This is a time for the Islanders to give something back to their loyal fans.   By having a party at the Coliseum, having the players come, give the folks a little fun on a Friday night, and introduce the newest Islander to the community; what exactly is so bad about that?

So the Islanders promote this on Facebook, Twitter, and their web site.  A chance to get the fans started to look forward to a better year next season.  And what comments come out of this?

A lot of them have probably been taken off the site, but most of them are blasting Charles Wang, Garth Snow, and every bad thing that has been happening on Long Island in the last 20 years.  Pardon the expression, but that is so much crap!

Why this post?  Why is this the method to post negativity?  What does the owner of the team have to do with the promotion of an event?

I am just as frustrated as anyone else.  I want to see  them successful.  I want to gain some respectability in the hockey circles.  I want the Islanders out of the lower echelon of the league.

I am so under the impression that so many of the fans that were on facebook are hard core passionate fans.  I am not denying any of their thoughts and feelings.  That is not my M.O.

Fans, like the word ‘fanatic’, can be obsessive about their love/hate for a team.  This is exactly what we are seeing.  Comments about ownership/management/players instead of talking about what can be done to improve the future.

It just seems that all I hear is negativity.  Although part of me wants to say, “GET LOST”, I won’t.  It is your right to feel how you feel.

But I will tell you this.  Your comments are not going to make Mr. Wang leave his ownership duties, or Garth Snow no longer be the GM.  It will not make players want to come here, or not.  It will not make the team leave either.  All it does, is shine the Islanders in a lousy light.  And that, SICKENS me!

If you want to be an Islander fan, be it.  I may not agree with everything that goes on, but I stay on the boat.

Will change happen?  I hope so.

Will they make a major move on draft day?  Maybe.

All I can say, and I know that many faithful people are out there.  We have to drown out the negative, in a respectful way.  By staying true it shows the Islanders that there are many who feel that the right path is in reach.  It shows that there are many that believe that despite all the bumps, that the asphalt is smoothing out, and good times are ahead.

I am staying true to form… Are you?