Eyes On Isles – Islander Season Reviews – #16 Marty Reasoner – Congrats to LA!


Another one of the moves that Garth Snow made to infuse some experience and some locker room presence.  Most people that have seen Marty Reasoner play in his career knew that he was not going to give you 20 goals or 60 points in a season.  His scouting report would put him as a fourth line center, penalty killer and good defensive forward that would chip in a goal, here and there.  He had a career high fourteen goals last season for the Florida Panthers, and the Islanders expected good things from the 6′ 1″ 205 pound forward from Honoye Falls, New York (just outside Rochester).

Well – it took one of the last games of the season before he would get goal number one.

This was another one of the decisions made by management that was a kick in the pants.  It did not pan out, and the fans were not happy in the stands.  Reasoner, a former first round pick of St. Louis, ended up with six points in sixty-one games.  He had 34 minutes in penalties.

Reasoner signed a two year contract with the Islanders last season, and has a cap hit of $1,350,000 for 2012-2013.

From people close in the organization, I have heard that he was quite disappointed in how his season went, and was going to work hard in the off-season to make himself a better player.  From what I saw in the locker room, he seems to be an up-standing guy, and liked in the room.  For the price of his salary, he can still be a help.  I know that there is not going to be a story on his transformation to a superstar, but in order to balance a team in the making, you will need plumbers and foot soldiers.  Marty can be that guy.  Hopefully he stays healthy and can be that person.

For a grade, I am going to give him a D.  He was not a failure, but a disappointment.   I think that all you wish for is a reclamation project that leads to some surprises.

Also -let me congratulate the Los Angeles Kings on winning the Cup last night.  When they defeated my second favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks, I went on the Kings bandwagon.  And they truly ellow did not disappoint.  They went 16-4 in the playoffs, and Jonathan Quickwas monster in nets.

This was a team that got contributions from all four lines and all three defensive pairs.  Darryl Sutter came in and this defensive minded team learned to score, and truly were road team giants.  It should be a great celebration in Los Angeles on Thursday, and the fans that have been with the Kings for all of those years, really deserve it.  I have a friend that is a long standing member of the Los Angeles Kings Booster Club, his name is Dave Levin.  He has well over 1,000 games attended as a season ticket holder.  He has been waiting so long for this day to happen.  His beard made his a St. Nick look-a-like, and he even made the cross-country trek to New Jersey for game 5.  Disappointed, he had to fly home for game 6; but in his case, he got to witness his team win the chalice.  I know that in that arena, a little bit of tears fell from that man’s eyes.  And I know that I can say that I am so happy for him.  Congrats Dave, and to all my fellow LA Booster Club friends.

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