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Changes abound all around the New York Islanders franchise, both on and off the ice, and we are no different here at As the team continues its exciting push towards their first playoff berth since 2007, we have adopted a more streamlined approach to the way we disseminate information to the most important people in our world, our readers.

From our editor, Rich Diaz, on down the lineup here at eyes, we humbly thank you for your patronage and visits to our little home away from home for everything Islanders. We are not here to compete, rather to offer an alternative to the daily stream of news and information that constantly evolves regarding the team, organization and the entire National Hockey League. If you might spread a kind word about our work here on Twitter, Facebook and any other social platform you might be using, we would all be very much appreciative as the time and work that goes into maintaining this site is all very much our own.

With that being said, please see below for what our lineup looks like, as well as how you can find and interact with us:

Daily Content

On each morning a general post highlighting interesting news and notes from around Islanders country as well as the National Hockey League from the night before and its effects, if any, on our team.

Non Game Day

Articles from our outstanding writing team of Diaz, Andy Graziano, Scotty Bonner and Mike Willhoft. These can range from general opinion pieces on the Islanders to a particular topic of interest from within the National Hockey League.

Game Day

An in-depth pre game report and comprehensive post game wrap up. Usually posted within two hours of the game in each case. During the week, the pregame makes for some excellent reading while commuting.

We recommend and encourage using the comment section below each article to let us know your thoughts. It will be very difficult to offend or hurt our feelings. ?

Social Media


@eyesonislesfs – The official eyesonisles account, from which all official word on publications will come from. Also interesting tidbits from the very top of the lighthouse.

@IliumInc                                Rich Diaz, editor

@tazman19                             Andy Graziano

@moosiestmoose42                Scotty Bonner

@MichaelWillhoft                    Michael Willhoft

Engage us! We are all passionate long time Islanders fans and love to talk hockey or just about anything else you can think of within reason. We are all well versed within the general NHL as well.


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