The Battle for the Apple: NHL Winter Classic 1/1/16 Isles-Rangers Citi Field… Come Get Some.


Deer Park, N.Y. – With the biggest Islander Ranger game coming up tomorrow night at the ‘ole barn in the last 20 years, what better time to launch our campaign than here, and now?? The Battle for the Apple. The NHL Winter Classic featuring the New York Islanders versus the New York Rangers 1/1/16 Citi Field Flushing, N.Y.  Can you imagine? Can you see it? How exciting this would be? 70,000 strong packed with half Islander fans, half Ranger fans, an atmosphere the likes of which the NHL has never seen before in it’s storied history.

The mother of all Winter Classics in the greatest city in the world, hosted by her 2 hockey clubs. Man if chills don’t go down your spine just thinking about that scene then my friend move along to another web site. No offense, but this maybe just ain’t for you.

We are here to ask for your support to bring the Battle for the Apple to life. Please if you would, sign our on line petition (link below) stating that you agree that this game needs to take place.

Thank you for your support of our crazy idea.. Hey if we don’t make it happen, it will not happen…

Next, if you are passionate about this becoming a reality please help spread the word that New York City should host the 2016 Winter Classic at Citi Field between the Islanders, and the Rangers.

You can visit us at or @eyesonislesfs to keep updated on our progress and to keep us updated on yours. Ladies and gentleman we are in this together, and together we can launch a massive grass roots campaign to make this awesome game a reality.

2015/16 is the first year we move to Brooklyn.  Not that the rivalry needs any fuel to it’s ever burning flame, but once we move to Brooklyn the two teams will be closer than ever, and the rivalry will take on a level never before seen.  This epic at Citi Field would be beyond huge in NY, and send it’s rippling effect throughout the entire hockey world. It would be the standard that all other Winter Classics are measured against.

   An Islander Ranger Winter Classic would be a Classic like none other. So much so I wouldn’t for want to miss a moment of even the Alumni game for this one! Because if you think guys like Bryan Trottier, Mark Messier, Clark Gillies, Brian LeetchDenis Potvin, Adam Graves, and Butch Goring just to name a few are gonna lace ‘em up and throw on the ‘ole sweater one last time in front of 70,000 without wanting to win? Than I’ve got a bridge to sell ya. I tell you this, the alumni game will be as heated as the Classic itself.

Come 2016 the Isles will be one of the league’s elite teams, with the league’s best player, and the Rangers who have an excellent young team right now, will be right there as well. So the ratings in the US and Canada for this one would be huge ! It will be two top notch teams right in their own back yard. A scene unprecedented in the hallows of time, The Battle for the Apple.  Can you Imagine?

        Picture Alicia Keys singing Empire State of Mind, Times Square adorned with a monstrous bill board of John Tavares, and Ryan Callahan facing off hanging high above traffic.  Rudy Giuliani dropping the puck, the place packed with celebrities Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Robert De Niro, Spike Lee, Kevin James, John McEnroe, Boomer Esiason, Craig Carton, just to name a few. Cause no one, and I mean no one would wanna miss this one!  It would be a moment New Yorkers would never forget.

Can you imagine?? We CAN !! if you can too then please join us, we need your help and can’t do it without you. Thank you for all your support. Come get some… “The Battle for the Apple.”

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Thank you from the entire staff at Eyes on Isles… See you at Citi Field.

“Tryin to capture the Spirit of the thing…”

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