Fansided Off-Season Q&A : Too Many Men On The Site


Jun 7, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Fans cheer as the final minutes tick away in game four of the Eastern Conference finals of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

Middletown, N. J. – Most people have not taken the time to traverse around the entire Fansided network, especially since we have upgraded to version 3.5.

Our mission at Eyes over the summer is to introduce you to some of the other great and informative pages around our little home away from home. We started on Thursday with our off-season Q&A featuring the New York Rangers and continue our series today.

Too Many Men On The Site is our next website that was kind enough to answer our questions. Not dedicated to just one team, this outstanding staff of 8 writers led by editor Katrina Cappelli,   brings you the latest and greatest from around the entire NHL on a daily basis with great cutting edge analysis and op/ed pieces.

You will always be in the know about the latest series results, injury news, transactions and just about every odd and end that might have occurred around the league if you choose to make this a stop on your daily tour of the internet.

It, in all honesty, has become a ritual of mine to stop here daily before even visiting my own page. Yeah, I know that sounds weird that I look at my own page but hey, someone has to keep an eye on these kids nowadays or they just run amok with no rules or regulations. Hee Hee ?

With that being said, see below for my 3 questions regarding the National Hockey League to Katrina and her responses. Be sure to head on over when you are done and give them a look. You will not leave disappointed.

1. Who has been your surprise team in the NHL this season and why?

"This may be a bit biased as I am a Leafs fan, but they were definitely my surprise team. With them missing the playoffs for nine years no one thought they would make it this year and when I found out they would be facing the Bruins in the first round (a team they struggled to beat in the regular season) I thought they were done for sure. But they fought the Bruins tooth and nail and they brought them to Game 7 overtime. The Leafs will be a team to watch next season for sure."

2. Touching on the controversial topic of officiating, what does the league have to do, or even can do, to fix the apparent problem?

"As far as on ice officiating goes there isn’t much you can do, refs are going to call what they are going to call. You could add some kind of appeal for on ice calls but I think it would draw out the game and cause more confusing stoppages which could cause a loss of fans. When it comes to supplemental discipline something needs to be done. There needs to be a more consistent way of dealing with bad checks and elbows and I think automatic suspensions would be the best way to do it."

3. Do you see expansion in the league’s future and if so, where would you like to see a team established?

"If the Coyotes don’t move then I can see them expanding. I would like to see another Canadian team. Canadians love hockey, Canada is where you are going to make the most money."

We would to personally thank Katrina for her time in answering our questions and as always Isles fans, thanks for reading and making us the far and away front-runner for “Islanders rookie website of the year”. You are truly why we do this each and every day and we could not be more appreciative of your support.