Top Shelf : Islanders Daily 7/21/13


Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets survived a late 9th inning rally and held on to defeat the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday 5-4.  Super rookie Zach Wheeler threw 107 pitches in only 4 2/3 innings as he labored to a no decision. Bobby Parnell picked up his 18th save and Juan Lagares had 3 hits.

Across in the American League the Yankees defeated the Red Sox in Boston by a score of 5-2 as Hiroki Kuroda continues to prove to be New York’s most reliable starting pitcher, increasing his record to 9-6 on the season. The best closer of all-time Mariano Rivera picked up save #31 in yet another age defying season and Eduardo Nunez and Lyle Overbay each had 3 hits in the victory.

Wait? What is going on here? Why in the wide world of sports am I writing about baseball? See, that is what happens when there is just NO hockey news to talk about. Zero…..none…..ziltch…..

Sure, I can tell you how Jaromir Jagr visited Newark, New Jersey to begin speculation that he and the Devils might be a perfect match. I could also tell you about the plethora of junior stars that signed entry level contracts.  What I cannot tell you is anything substantial or new in the world of hockey.

Now, in seasons past, free agency has been fast and furious for 2-3 days following its initial opening along with some trinkets over the next couple of weeks leading into August. Maybe this season the league sent out a memo for general managers to pace themselves so writers and bloggers could have some substantial material to write about in the month of August, which historically has been the place where hockey goes into hibernation.

Heck, I don’t know what the answer is. All I do know is that it is becoming increasing difficult to come up with an informative lead-in to Top Shelf each and every morning. But that doesn’t mean I stop trying.

On another un-related note, the sweltering heat and humidity finally broke in the Northeast as a long awaited cold front dip in the jet stream made its way into the region from the Northwest. Dammit, did it again…………see what I mean? ?

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Two Minutes For Tweeting

  • After the way Kyle ended last season coinciding with the team’s play, a lot is on the line for the young Isles assistant captain this year. Bet here is that he follows through and becomes who we always thought he could be.
  • Reading my intro, you could see I am having the same exact problem Matt! ?
  • Outstanding analogy…..come to think of it, its the PERFECT analogy for what New Jersey is trying to do. It worked out soooo well for us after all! ?
  • Well, that actually makes me feel a little better after seeing the Rangers skid. Looks like there will not be many complaints about things evening out.
  • Tavares on any line in the olympics is going to be insane! There still might be time, however, for John to apply for and get granted US citizenship so he could come over to the republic instead of playing for the empire! (geeky Star Wars reference)

-AG (@tazman19)