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With a news conference yesterday morning, Bruce Ratner tried to do what the National Hockey League has not done in the past six weeks. Drum up some news and interest among not only the New York Islanders but the entire National Hockey League. Thank you Bruce!

There is plenty describing what occurred in the aforementioned announcement and we ourselves posted last night about it including quotes from the various people present at the Nassau Coliseum yesterday. You can find those links below in the ‘In Case You Missed It’ section.

As far as free agency goes, still nothing going on. Some solid players remain unsigned for whatever reason and at this point one has to think it might not be until training camp to see some of those situations resolve themselves. Some other tidbits to hold you over….

  • Eugene Melnyk, owner of the Ottawa Senators, claims to have lost 94 million dollars since purchasing the team in 2003. Charles Wang has taken out his violin to play him a sad tune.
  • Maple Leafs GM Dave Noonis says there is ‘no reason to believe’ defenseman Dion Phaneuf will not be a member of the Leafs this season. So I guess there’s that.
  • Ex-Islander Petteri Nokelainen has signed with Brynas IF of the Swedish league and will not play in the NHL this season.
  • Claude Giroux says he hopes to resume skating in two to three weeks (as if you need an index finger to skate)
  • Montreal coach Michel Therrien has “no doubts” that goalie Carey Price and center David Desharnais will bounce back this season. I’m glad he thinks that, as he could be the only one.
  • Henrik Lundqvist cannot imagine playing with another team. Personally, as much fun as it might be to fantasize about, I can’t either. Rangers will sign him long term before he becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer.

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In Case You Missed It

Two Minutes For Tweeting

  • We all do Elyssa, we all do……this has been a rough summer, especially with free agency news totally going in the toilet after the opening day.
  • You could potentially receive over 10k replies to this one Rob. Be prepared for a twitter onslaught of notifications. Hee Hee
  • Thanks Mike. I totally agree these rumors are baseless and have no merit right now. Could they turn out to be more than that? Sure…but if I am the owner of the Isles and the reported losses Wang has suffered are true, why would I sell just when I am returning to profitability? I would want to recoup some of those said losses. The ultimate selling price in a down economy might not wash that out.
  • Do I really need to comment on how accurately sarcastic this tweet is? ?
  • The NHL and Bruce Ratner will ‘allow’ does not mean they will. I am of the thinking personally that the team needs a set identity and home ice, which will be Barclays Center. Let’s not go jumping around between buildings.