Top Shelf : Islanders Daily : 8/19/2013


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Even Jack is upset over the lack of NHL news these past six weeks.You know things have gotten bad when I actually start to show some limited interest in baseball as I did last night with the whole Ryan Dempster plunking of Alex Rodriguez. Ugghhhhh.

We move along into the second half of August and the good news is that training camp gets closer and closer to becoming a reality. With that optimism and hope will abound for our New York Islanders and their prospects heading into the 2013-14 season.

With some pundits still refusing to buy in completely, I can tell you that we here on staff at Eyes have….And while keeping our expectations firmly in check, will be painting a very nice picture come our season preview.

Tidbits from around the league:

  • There is ‘no truth’, according to the agent for Jose Theodore, that his client is close to signing with Boston (which means it will be announced any day now)
  • Red Wings coach Mike Babcock could not be happier with the signing of Daniel Alfreddson (yeah, we Islanders fans are thrilled!)
  • Damien Brunner is prepared to wait as long as possible for an NHL deal (Does he have any choice?)
  • The Toronto Sun is reporting Mikhail Grabovski is still unsigned because he is asking for too much money (in other news, the sky is blue and grass is green)
  • Leafs GM Dave Noonis insists with about 5mm in cap room, he can still fit Nazim Kadri and Cody Franson in the lineup (good luck with that Dave)

-Andy (@tazman19)

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Two Minutes For Tweeting

  • Can’t argue with you there Isaiah….going to be ultra competitive although I still think the Isles finish with a top 3 finish and playoff position.
  • Ah, nothing warms my humid August heart more than a fake rumor circulating around the interwebz….haha
  • I can tell you this John, it’s better than anything on TV right now…..Speaking of which, why in the world did Starz cancel an award winning series like Boss?
  • The die-hard and dedicated on Long Island will feel it for bit and even more-so when the actual move takes place.
  • Did it ever mean anything else? haha
  • Done and done…….