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Yesterday the nation celebrated the unofficial end of summer as Labor Day came and went with more clouds than sun but not nearly enough to dampen the spirits of tons of thousands of people who held what could be their last barbecues of the season.

For hockey fans however, they had reason to celebrate things much more important than burgers, hot dogs and beer……HOCKEY.

This month marks the start of the 2013-14 season with training camps opening around the league and exhibition play beginning in earnest.

Rumors began swirling late last night about the New York Islanders plans for camp when News 12 commented that it is set to begin next Thursday, September 12 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and not Iceworks in Syosset. The story continued, saying it would be only that day in Brooklyn, followed by a return to Long Island for the duration.

I can report that this media outlet has not received any official word from the club and neither have any of our sources. When the team is prepared to make the news official, you will hear it directly or indirectly from us here at Eyes On Isles.

With that out of the way, let’s lace up our skates and take a spin on the newly laid down ice surface and see what transpired in the league September 2….

  • Corey Crawford has signed a 6 year, 36mm dollar extension with the Chicago Blachawks.
  • Dynamo Moscow’s Andrey Safranov said last week that he would look into bringing Alex Ovechkin to Russia.
  • According to the Denver Post, the recent trade speculation surrounding Paul Stastny is false.
  • Washington Coach Adam Oates is likely to deploy new center Mikhail Grabovski in a more offensive and dynamic role than he was used during his final season in Toronto.

-Andy (@tazman19)

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Two Minutes For Tweeting

  • Wow that is some statement Michael and not that it has hit the Eyes pages,we are going to hold you to it! haha (Ps – I would also, in a heartbeat)
  • Looks like section 329 are in rare pre-season form as they prepare for the home opener on October 5 against the Blue Jackets.
  • Willhoft explains that only the rich are not feeling the effect of the NHLs marketing. What is funny is people will pay and that generally drives the bottom line cost to the consumer. The demand will far outweigh the supply. More than likely, I will be warm and cozy on my couch.
  • Don’t forget, if you are in the area, to come and meet Colin McDonald on Wednesday at the Coliseum team store. If you do, I am sure he will speak to Cal and Mr.Clutterbuck will be very, very upset.