New York Islanders : The Dump And Chase Podcast

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

As passionate New York Islanders fans, we started our journey in earnest back in February 2013 and had one common goal in mind; be one of the leading sources of Islanders news and information on the internet.

We knew we would be facing some stiff competition, not only from competing blogs which had more of a ‘history’ and were clearly established in the market, but from the official site itself.

What we have done in the nine months since has been nothing short of remarkable and we have many people to thank, but most notably, YOU: the reader, listener and sharer of our information that we work so hard to put out.

We all have regular full time jobs that occupy a lot of our time and pay the mortgage and put food on our kitchen tables but work extremely hard in those precious few moments that we have to write.

About three months ago, Richard Dias (copy editor) and myself set out to get us more exposure via the airwaves instead of just writing and publishing to the site. We enlisted some big league help in Shane Blackburn and anointed him our podcast director. Shane has been tasked with putting together the weekly show you hear every Thursday afternoon and spends countless hours well into the late night editing and getting it ready for publishing. What he has done is nothing short of outstanding.

We then brought Michael Willhoft, our excellent master of wit and creator of #islestwitter, into the fold for his intelligence and analysis as well as calming presence.

What was born is what is now known as the ‘Dump And Chase Podcast’. Using our newly acquired and greatly appreciated media credentials granted to us by the New York Islanders hockey club, we have had some great guests already such as Arthur Staple of Newsday, legendary broadcaster Jiggs McDonald and hockey writer Patrick Williams. We have done features on and with Casey Cizikas and Butch Goring.

And that is not the end of it…we occasionally feature our great stable of hockey writers such as Chris Triantafilis and Reagan King, our midwest correspondent. In the coming weeks and months, you can look forward to a number of outstanding guest appearances, some more recognizable than others but I can assure you, all the Islanders talk will be of premium quality and entertainment.

As we look ahead to taping our 10th episode tonight, we cannot thank you enough for all your support, both via the website and the podcast. We truly appreciate it and know that we could not have done it without you. It is probably the only way we are very similar to the professional hockey players themselves. Without you, the fans, we would not have a job to do at all.

You can leave us a voicemail, with a question or comment that will be answered and/or addressed on the air, by dialing 347-850-0796.

Our show weekly is available via our hosting site,, or by listening on I-Tunes and Stitcher radio.

So, thank you once again from everyone at Eyes On Isles and the Dump and Chase podcast. The support has been overwhelming and flattering. All we ask is you share us when you can and get the word out (you know, for those who have been living under a rock.)