New York Islanders Tweets Of The Week

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Another tough week in Islanders country as New York continues their slide to the bottom of the Eastern conference standings.

A 6-3 loss in Phoenix to close out a 2 point out of 10 road trip was followed by a lifeless overtime loss to the Montreal Canadiens and a disastrous 3-2 shootout loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Things do not get any easier on the horizon for the Islanders, who face the Rangers Friday at Madison Square Garden, followed by the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday back at Nassau Coliseum. A quick trip to Detroit for a Monday evening game will precede the team going on their 4 day holiday break.

The frustration that is clearly evident on captain John Tavares‘ face is also rearing its ugly head in the land of social media.

Keyboard gangsters are assembling their crews and planning an all out family war on Hempstead Turnpike. Look, we are all disappointed with the direction the team has taken this year. That is a given. I don’t care if you are just a casual observer, die-hard fan, blogger or mainstream journalist.

But none of those 4 aforementioned categories is any less of a fan that the other, even though they might react differently. Just because someone doesn’t say what you want them to, does not mean they are wrong or invalidated in their opinions.

All in all, social media is the defining characteristic of today’s youth and some of it does provide ample laughter and amusement when things seem to be going all wrong on the ice.

Since we like to accentuate the positive here at Eyes On Isles and practice plenty of ‘cautious optimism’, let’s dive right into this weeks edition of tweets of the week.


We asked our followers on Twitter to come up with ‘Most interesting hockey player in the world’ commercial spots for new recall Ryan Strome. Hilarity ensued and a post was even born from it. 

Rich Dias, in response to my reply to a reader about why Strome was not inserted into the lineup against Phoenix, with this obvious gem.

Between this and the Jimmy V speech that I keep replaying over and over again when I feel down, there is not much better to lift the spirits, even for an Islanders fan.

Connor from Isles Blog with a spot on tweet regarding all those anonymous accounts calling out good bloggers and writers. Barry Richmond with just as good of a response.

I liked the spunk that Willhoft was showing in the face of  the ever-ridiculous on #islestwitter and he made me spit out my coffee with this reply.

Ah, yes…Colin reminds us of the now infamous Mark Sanchez national television gaff and relates it so elegantly to the Isles. Could it be that the Islanders had two ‘butt-fumbles’ this season? We quickly forgot the Washington nightmare at Nassau a couple of weeks prior.

Finally, Connor once again makes an appearance and leaves us with this…..It’s Ok to admit it. Go on. We will be tweeting out numbers to support groups later.