New York Islanders Tweets Of The Week

Even Jack is amused by our weekly feature…Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

As the Olympics finally get underway in Sochi and the men take the ice today for their first preliminary set of games, it’s time to revisit the social media giant Twitter and see what transpired in the world of the New York Islanders.

The team seems to be playing out the string until the conclusion of the 2013-14 season, currently sitting 12 points out of a possible playoff spot.

With March 5 looming, Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald continue to be on teams’ shopping lists as general managers are fervently working the phones in order to set themselves up for a Stanley Cup run.

We can dissect all we want and try to come up with excuses for why the Islanders have suffered such a tremendous let down this season but it will not help matters much. The bottom line is the team simply was not good enough most nights and that falls squarely on the heads and shoulders of the players and coaching staff.

With the assumption that things will certainly look different in September when the team reconvenes for training camp, one can only hope lessons were learned that nothing is given in the National Hockey League, it is all earned. Just because you made the playoffs one year, guarantees nothing for the next.

Now onto that Twitter machine and let’s see what gets spit out this week…..

Ah, BD spitting out truth bullets, reinforcing what I told everyone the day after the rejection was made public. Snow made a very, very good offer and Vanek did not want to be here, no matter what he said to us in the media.

When you are called out by a respected writer, you need to hang your head in shame, #islestwitter. 

Another reinforcing notion by Tom here and I agree completely. Some nights it’s actually a blast but its getting exhausting.

Connor with perhaps the mantra of the season….it’s Ok to point fingers and blame, just make sure it’s at the right people.

Jeff reinforcing the positive with the trade of Bouchard and Regin to Chicago.

Well done Joseph…..nothing else to say but well done.