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One has to wonder at this point what it takes to hold onto a third period lead for the New York Islanders. For the second straight time and 18th on the season, a two goal evaporated in the last 20 minutes as the Calgary Flames were the team this time to victimize Jack Capuano‘s squad.

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Is it coaching? Is it the result of so many rookies on the ice that don’t know how to win yet? Almost impossible to pin down, the one thing we do know is that the fanbase has become downright hostile at this point and is searching for answers.

The frustration is warranted given the team’s inability to string together cohesiveness in the front office with victories on the ice, last season notwithstanding. After the lack of return seen in the Thomas Vanek trade on Wednesday, just one day removed from getting good value for Andrew MacDonald, misguided protests are being planned for next Saturday’s home game against the Buffalo Sabres.

To further explain my use of ‘misguided’, there is something fans extremely frustrated and fed up with their team can do. Stop going to games, stop buying merchandise or worst yet, follow another club. Send a well written, mature letter explaining your feelings to the Islanders front office.

Protesting at the Coliseum during a game in which the man supposedly in the cross hairs will NOT be at does nothing but further frustrate the players on the ice and show other players around the league why NOT to sign here and play in front of you. Take a look at other clubs around the league who have not had much success in both facets the Islanders seem to be struggling in (and there are others)…fans still flock to arena’s around the league in Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Nashville and Edmonton to name a few. There are no protests being planned around the sure loss for nothing of Mike Camalleri or the trade of Roberto Luongo. How about the continued losses in Edmonton or the lack of promise out of Winnipeg? And those are hockey hot-beds in Canada, where the game trumps all.

The Islanders have had a very rough season and so has general manager Garth Snow. This is not to praise the work he has done in the last 12 months, but is the level of expectation that great every single year that no mistakes are afforded? Or does the fanbase feel the collective ‘rebuild’ is just not working at all in any capacity?

Fans are entitled to think whatever they wish. Opinions should be respected no matter which side of the fence you sit on. But think before you act and make sure it has a difference without hurting the 20 guys you supposedly cheer for every night. Or it will fall the way of the silly ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest that included many who had no real idea why they were even there in the first place.

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