Islanders Tweets Of The Week


Another week has come and gone in the wacky world of Islanders social media.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

With each installment, we scour the best of the best on the social media giant Twitter, where you can be who you want to be and say what you want to say.

To say that this has been the toughest week in Islander nation would be an understatement of epic proportions. We saw the trade deadline come and go with the Islanders on the losing end of the Thomas Vanek trade and the reaction by a very angry and vocal fanbase that is teetering on the brink of civil war, not only at the circumstances surrounding the organization but with their fellow fan and the very people who work so hard to bring you quality, credentialed Islanders information.

With that being said, let’s sit back and see what was offered up this week.

Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy was especially critical of Martin St.Louis and how things played out in Tampa. And you know what, he is absolutely correct.

BD Gallof always spitting truth bullets – this one hits hard at the truth behind some of the most critical in the Isles fanbase.

Saidman with an absolute gem in response to people actually spreading the propaganda of a convicted felon, making his opinion matter at all, which in reality, it doesn’t.

Todd from sunny Florida with a very good, polished optimistic approach to the Islanders situation. And you know, he just might be onto something.

In addition to having one of the best handles on Twitter, Matt hits the nail right on the head here.

Willhoft and I with the new name for the News12LI sponsored segment. Coming soon…

Nothing to do with hockey, but this one had me laughing out loud and HAD to be included. It just HAD to….

Connor and his staff do an outstanding job over at and he has now officially joined the ranks of the proud, logical and optimistic. Welcome sir…you have some real good company in this club!

When word broke that it was NOT the Islanders unwillingness to eat salary that caused ‘Vanek-gate 2014’, this could be a tweet of the year candidate summing up Isles social media as a whole.