New York Islanders Tweets Of The Week

Another week has come and gone in Islanders country and not much has been settled.

The young future of the team is learning ‘on the fly’ as they say and taking their lumps, most recently last night’s 6-0 thumping at the hands of the Minnesota Wild.

The fan-base has settled down a bit but is still very much on edge, rightfully so and with good reason. The questions heading into this off-season run long with goaltending being at the forefront of every conversation. To make matters worse, there is only one season remaining at the Nassau Coliseum and the team wants to make sure they give their long standing home a fitting farewell.

Let’s delve into this weeks edition of the original, often imitated but never duplicated, Islanders tweets of the week.

Jeff with some ‘real-talk’ that no matter how bad things get and how many rookies have to be called up, always support the boys on the ice. To even assume they are ‘not trying’ is asinine.

  Chris has become quite the regular in this segment and knocks this one out of the park again prior to the Isles-Sabres tilt.

There you go Donovan. Truth-bullet time in relation to what transpired last week in Islanders country.

Chris Osgood makes the case for players bearing the ultimate brunt of responsibility.

The whole time? The whole damn time? Let’s hope Josh Bailey takes a similar leap to Kyle next season.

Matt hits on this point regarding Matt Moulson. He is no victim in the trade that sent him to Buffalo earlier in the season. And he is still not a victim, although seems to be playing that role pretty solidly.

In our non-hockey related tweet of the week, Keith from Lighthouse Hockey knew that Lizzie was a goner before Carol popped her in the head. That kid plain lost her mind in the most disturbing episode of the season.