Meet Sam and Dave Boychuk; Two of the New York Islanders’ Newest Fans

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May 23, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Rangers right wing Derek Dorsett (15) is up ended by Boston Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk (55) during the third period in game four of the second round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden. Rangers win 4-3 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

EOI:  Back when you guys were growing up, who would win in a hockey fight and why? 

SB: Growing up I never really fought with either one of my brothers but Johnny & Dave used to cage rage in the basement all the time. Dave was a little bigger and older so he wouldn’t go all out until Johnny would tag him a few time then Dave would drill him a few good ones. Once that happened Johnny would have a melt down and would be out for blood. I spent many weekends with some of my buddies just watching these guys go at it.

DB: Probably Sam.  He was always known to hit like a “horse”. I much rather avoided any altercations that may have involved this.  Johnny is the softest out of the three, I mean look at those innocent (ha) baby blue eyes, he’s a lover not a fighter.

EOI: You both are pretty active on Twitter, even though Johnny doesn’t have one (that we know of).  What has his reaction been to all the interacting with the fans?

SB: Johnny is just not that guy. I would be surprised if he ever got twitter. I think he has been entertained by it. When he first came to Long Island he was being interviewed and in the middle of the interview the reporters starting talking about Dave & I and how they all followed us on twitter. He called me right after the interview to tell me and he was pretty amazed & we had a good chuckle.

DB:  Johnny thinks it is great as long as we (SAM) stays between the lines. Sam nor I would never post or bring about any negative attention to him.  We completely respect his passion and focus for the game.  The brothers are simply interacting through social media, with our new Hockey Family, the same way as if we were at the games.  I can honestly say that the Boychuk family was absolutely devastated when Johnny got traded.  We had been a part of the Bruins family, we always will be, and had become accustomed to being a BRUIN.  However, with change, new opportunities arise. Johnny has definitely embraced this opportunity to take on a bigger role.  After Johnny’s first game as an Islander, our family has become hooked.  We are truly loving our new colours and new chapter, and cannot wait to enjoy the games live at Nassau and meet some of the ISLES NATION.

Follow Sam at @Saboych and Dave at @Daboych