New York Islanders: Top 5 Twitter Personalities 2017-2018

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: The New York Islanders salute the fans following a 4-2 victory over the Ottawa Senators at the Barclays Center on April 9, 2017 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: The New York Islanders salute the fans following a 4-2 victory over the Ottawa Senators at the Barclays Center on April 9, 2017 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Twitter is a sometimes fun way to connect with your favorite celebrities and athletes. So, who on the New York Islanders has the best Twitter game.

Since I’m a millennial it’s expected of me to be on my phone all the time. I’m usually not a huge fan of stereotypes but this one is mostly true due to Twitter and the New York Islanders. Don’t tell my boss, but the week of the expansion draft I spent a solid 75 percent of my day refreshing twitter waiting for a Bob McKenzie bomb.

So between just fulfilling my prophecy as a millennial plus looking for something to write about every day I spend a LOT of time on the app, and I’ve taken notice of who has a good Twitter game and who needs some work on Twitter (looking at you John Tavares).

Today we will look at the best Islanders personalities on Twitter. I feel like I should also throw out there in the spirit of the article if you disagree with me you can reach me @MattOLearyNY to discuss it further

Number 5: Johnny Boychuk

I know what you’re thinking. Johnny Boychuk? He’s not really that active on Twitter how can he make the list. Well, first off it’s a tough field to work with okay, and secondly, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Have you noticed a trend with Boychuk? He’s a holiday tweeter. The guy just tweets on special occasions. It’s almost never opinions or anything funny, just wishing people a Happy Fathers Day. Here take a look at some of his most recent tweets:

And then there were some tweets from election night that we’re just going to pretend we didn’t see. The thing with Boychuk is it’s so bad that it’s good. Boychuk is the Smashmouth of Islanders Twitter, it’s more of a laughing at not with, sorry Johnny.

Boychuk is 33 now, so it’s almost expected of him to be bad with social media. He plays his role well and it just works for him I guess.

Number 4: Shane Prince

Prince is pretty active on Twitter. He tweets stuff, he retweets stuff and his Twitter Avatar is a cartoon character of himself which is pretty awesome. Here’s some of his recent work on the ole’ twitter dot com

I got a pretty good laugh out of those ones. There was some hazing of teammates and a funny tweet about Dominos pizza. He’s also a fellow Stoolie so it’s hard not to show him so love for his twitter game and put him up on this list.

He doesn’t tweet too often, but when he does it’s usually quality.

Number 3: Scott Mayfield

Scott Mayfield may be a seventh or eighth d-man on the depth chart but he’s an all-star tweeter. The guy’s hysterical. Here’s some of his best work:

Mayfield’s another one who doesn’t tweet super often but when he does it’s usually a fire one liner. There’s a lot of making fun of teammates and I’m all on board for that. I eat that stuff up as a blogger looking for things to write about in the middle of the summer.

If we can get serious for a second I hope Mayfield gets some more action on the ice this year. I think he’s a valuable seventh d-man or role player.

But, back to the nonsense, Scott shows his personality with his tweets and it’s rather entertaining, he’s got a good twitter game.

Number 2: Josh Ho-Sang

A philosopher or Josh Ho-Sang? As a 21-year old he’s got his twitter game on point. In the past, he wasn’t all too active but recently he’s started to tweet out motivational messages and I can’t lie I eat it up every time.

Struggling to get through work on a Monday? Have no fear, Josh Ho-Sang’s probably going to tweet out some Ghandi quote and make you feel 100 times better about your life.

The moment Ho-Sang came up to the big club he became polarizing and must watch television. He’s carried that over to the offseason as well. Can’t wait for the season to start to see Ho-Sang terrorize goalies and then tweet a quote from Socrates after the game.

Number 1: Calvin de Haan

Calvin de Haan has the best twitter game on the team hands down. He always has the perfect comeback or witty comment for something dumb that someone says to him and it’s prefect.

Here’s some of his best work:

His retweeting and responding to fans is the perfect way for an athlete to be. He’s got a good sense of humor about it and he’s respectful to everybody. It’s good enough to give him the crown as the best player to follow on Isles twitter.

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This was a fun one to do. Regular season hockey is still over two months away so, for now, we will continue to do previews, power rankings and other dumb ideas like this that come to mind. Come to EOI on the daily for the Islanders info you need and the stuff you didn’t know you needed.