New York Islanders Daily: John Tavares Distraction Free

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 28: John Tavares
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 28: John Tavares /

New York Islanders captain John Tavares is in a huge contract negotiation but he won’t let that distract him this year.

If you’ve listened to our New York Islanders podcast, you might’ve heard our theory that John Tavares is, in fact, a robot. He gives robotic like answers in interviews and shows about as much emotion as, well, a robot.

So does it come as any surprise that John Tavares said his contract discussion won’t affect his play on the ice this year?’s Brian Compton was able to catch up with John Tavares who had a few quotes backing up his feelings.

"“We have so many great relationships with ownership, management and the staff here. I’m just really looking forward to the season. I want to be a hockey player. That’s who I am.”“I just control what I can control.”I’m just going to focus on being the best player I can be, be the best captain I can be, and obviously we want to get back to the playoffs and have a chance to win the Stanley Cup.”"

Tavares-bot computed some pretty solid answers there. Essentially, Tavares is just looking to get some hockey under his belt so this discussion can go away. You can tell this never ending conversation must drive him crazy.

John comes off as the most selfless super star in sports. He always tries to put the spotlight elsewhere so it must be a weird feeling being the biggest story, and number one talking point league wide.

Islanders fans always wanted him to get that national recognition. They got their wish.

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