New York Islanders Joshua Ho-Sang Controversial New Skates

New York Islanders Joshua Ho-Sang (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders Joshua Ho-Sang (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Joshua Ho Sang has always been a man of style and swag. The New York Islanders young stud got even cooler this week when he unveiled some new skates, that are definitely “nicer than yours,” according to the man himself.

New York Islanders Joshua Ho Sang is very active on social media, and on Tuesday, he updated the masses about his new skates he is planning on wearing this upcoming season. And as you can expect it’s caused quite a stir on social media.

This is, after all, Josh Ho-Sang we’re talking about. A young man that isn’t shy to tell it how he feels it is. And is certainly not shy from controversy.

Remember, this is the same guy that proclaimed he’d be the best player in his draft after three years. He’s also the guy that’s called Toronto “stupid”. And he’s also the guy who wore number 66. (Although as we all know, he wasn’t the only one to wear that number after Super Mario.)

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Look At These Wheels

While the reviews were mixed, many fans applauded Ho Sang’s boldness and choice of color for his new ice skates. Some responses were in favor of his skates and others were outright ridiculous.

Speaking of responses, let’s take a look at three of my favorite comments from fans on Ho Sang’s post:

  1. cin_sim: “First you wear 66 then you wear these. So, so embarrassing.” ?
  2. bobbydrex: “Those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen before in my life.”
  3. rscottbennett: “BTW, I don’t care what designs you wear. After you light up the league this year, nobody else will, either.”

Unfortunately, I am going to have to disagree with Bobby. These skates are the epitome of fashion and will look great speeding up and down the ice.  They are bold and new, just like Ho Sang himself, and will look great on the budding star.

The only way these skates would be better is if they matched more. The black would have matched perfectly with the Islanders old alternate jerseys, but unfortunately, those jerseys will no longer be worn by the New York Islanders.

Nonetheless, these skates will look great with Islanders blue and orange… but only if he is allowed to wear them.

The NHL is very strict with their rules, so hopefully, there is not more unnecessary controversy surrounding Joshua Ho Sang (similar to the issues with his number).

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Joshua Ho Sang is quickly becoming a star in New York, and in his rise to stardom, look for him to score a ton of goals and make many highlight reel plays. But now, when he kicks his skate up after scoring a goal in his signature celebration, keep an eye out for his new black skates.