New York Islanders Wouldn’t Trade Josh Ho-Sang Even to Edmonton

New York Islanders Joshua Ho-Sang (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders Joshua Ho-Sang (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

When the New York Islanders sent Josh Ho-Sang to the AHL it wasn’t because they didn’t like him, or wouldn’t be able to use him. It was to sort out deficiencies in his game. He’s not on the trade block.

Earlier this month the New York Islanders sent rookie Josh Ho-Sang to the AHL. I still don’t like the move. But the team is winning and Ho-Sang seems to be doing just fine in the AHL with two points in his first two games.

So I can’t be too worked up over it anymore. Winning is all that matters after all. So unless the Islanders start dropping games I’ve just got to live with the decision.

From what we understand Josh Ho-Sang was sent down to the AHL to work on a few things. We don’t know what these “things” are exactly, but we have to assume it has to do with turnovers. He was in the

top half of the team in terms of giveaways

and certainly the only one in a position to be dropped.

Trade With The Oilers?

But just because he’s now in Bridgeport doesn’t mean Ho-Sang is immediately tradeable. After sending Ho-Sang down Doug Weight indicated to Newsday’s Arthur Staple just how much the New York Islanders value the 21-year-old.

“I don’t think we’re as good a team as we can be without Josh on the ice. He can make us better and there’s some areas he wants to address,” Weight said. “He wants to find out how to be better at those things. We’re all in a good place with this relationship, it’s on the right path. And we have the utmost respect for Brent and what he instills in his guys.

Sure. As an organization, you have to listen to every offer you receive for your players. And especially when that call comes from Edmonton and Peter Chiarelli is on the other side.

Toronto Sun writer Steve Simmons thinks that Chiarelli should call Snow to inquire about the availability of Ho-Sang in a trade to address the Oilers offensive shortcomings.

If I’m Peter Chiarelli, I’m calling Garth Snow to see what it would cost to get Joshua Ho-Sang. Edmonton needs some speed and skill go along with McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

I’d be surprised if Peter Chiarelli reaches out to Garth Snow. After how the Ryan Strome and Griffin Reinhart trades worked out for the Oilers. What do the Oilers have to offer anyways? And what do the Islanders need? The lineup looks pretty solid at the moment. Why ruin a good thing?

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins would be an interesting player to pick up. But how do the Islanders make the space for his $6 million cap hit over the next four seasons? The Oilers would have to take Brock Nelson, but even then the Isles are sitting at $826,639 over the cap ceiling.

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That’s assuming Chiarelli even calls and that Snow actually wants to deal Ho-Sang. Two assumptions I don’t believe will actually take place. Snow values Ho-Sang more than what Chiarelli could possibly give and Chiarelli won’t want to be embarrassed once again.