New York Islanders: Don’t Blame John Tavares For Slump

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 05: John Tavares
NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 05: John Tavares /

The New York Islanders are in the midst of a five-game losing streak, and fans have already turned on John Tavares. Here’s why that’s an incredibly dumb idea.

In the midst of a losing streak, it feels like the sky is falling. That’s the mindset the New York Islanders and their fans currently are in as their losing streak was extended to five games yesterday.

Fans, bloggers, media members, anyone with an opinion and a platform to spew it are coming up with their theories on why the team is struggling so mightily at the moment.

One of the narratives I’ve begun to see is a lazy and unfair critique of the Islanders superstar captain John Tavares. Let’s do a check in on Twitter to see what people think of the Islanders captain at the moment:

Alright, let’s debunk that John Tavares is an issue, because of all the things that are wrong with this time I can’t believe we have to have this conversation today.

Through 42 games John Tavares has 50 points. That’s a pace of 98 points over a full 82 game season, which would be a career high for Tavares. In addition, he’s on pace for 43 goals, a career high, and 55 assists, also a career high.

So in a career year, where Tavares always leads by example how are we possibly going to say that John Tavares is a problem. If you want to see Tavares scream and yell like Doug Weight, I’m sorry that’s never going to happen that’s not who he is. That’s why Dougie’s behind the bench.

Tavares leads by his work ethic which is a pretty darn impressive work ethic. To actually sit here and question Tavares and his impact on the organization after nine years of service is preposterous.

It’s not his fault that the goalies have allowed four goals or more in 20 of the Islanders 42 games, it’s not his fault that two of the three best defensemen are on the shelf with no capable replacement in sight, it’s not his fault that the bottom six is a train wreck, it’s not his fault that Josh Ho-Sang has been exiled to the AHL.

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There are so many issues on this team that point back to Garth Snow, even mentioning Tavares and problem in the same sentence is not worth the time. The Islanders brass has better wake up and do something before they lose this guy forever. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone and if a Tavares walks he will be deeply, deeply missed.